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Disc Golf Driver

I've done quite a bit of development in Unity but I figured I should get a passing understanding of some of the other game engines out there (Unreal, PlayCanvas, Gooengine). The best way to do that is to write a game, so I thought I'd write a Disc Golf Simulator in each.

Surpisingly, I couldn't find a 3D model of a Disc Golf disc anywhere online so I created this. It's pretty accurate on the scale. I used the dimensions of a Prodigy D3 Driver along with some of the lines from a DiscMania S-Line Control Driver.

It has 312 polys so it's suitable for games. I added vertex normals and smoothing groups.

I also added a few edge loops so it's subdivides nice for higher resolution renders. You could probably even 3D print this if you had a big enough printer.

The model also has UVs so you can add your own logo.

Added: April 28, 2015
Categories: Miscellaneous
Tags: Disc Golf, Frisbee, Modo
Shader Tree Layers: Group, Image Map, Material, Environment Material, Light Material
Shader Tree Effects: Diffuse Color
Base Color:
color swatch
Created In: modo801

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