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This is the head portion of the mesh only.
I have not included the skin material, all other materials and maps are included.

The base mesh uses selection sets to differentiate head hair, eyebrows, upper lashes and lower lashes placement. Separate meshes are used for the areas that overlap the base mesh selection sets: Long hair mesh, side burns, facial hair.

Some key features that help hair realism are: taper amount gradient which reduces the hair diameter at the base as well as the ends. This helps the hair become less "Trunk" like at the scalp.
Multiple hair types that transition from a fine fuzz at the edge of more dominant hair to the thicker head hair etc.

In all, there 7 different hair materials on this head.
The eyelids will close by using an X rotation amount on the "UpperRight(Left)Eyelid" locators.

Added: August 02, 2013
Categories: Learning - Rendering
Tags: Hair
Shader Tree Layers: Group, Fur Material, Gradient, Image Map, Material, Environment Material, Light Material, , ,
Shader Tree Effects: Clearcoat Amount, Diffuse Color, Fur Density, Fur Length, Subsurface Color, Transparent Amount
Deformers: General Influence
Base Color:
color swatch
Created In: modo701

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