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MODO stock Ace character (created by John Hayes) rigged with Auto Character Setup kit. This is standard MODO 701 scene and does not require ACS to work.

Drag and drop downloaded file into MODO, you should get a dialog box confirming successfull asset instalaltion. Installed asset can be found by opening "System>Open Content Folder" from MODO main menu and navigating to: "Assets>Scenes>Ace_ACS_Rig" folder.

The scene loads with a "Pose" Action preselected with 1 pose set on this action. If you want to start animating it's best to select "Ace" Actor first and then create new action for your animation. You can do that easily in Animate Layout.

Please, refer to Chapter 4 of Auto Character Setup online manual for detailed information on how to use the rig and all its animation controls.

NOTE to ACS users:
Due to Share Site constraints some of the ACS meta data had to be removed from the asset. It means that if you use this scene with Auto Character Setup you will miss some of the functionality (Auto Transforms won't work and there is no Guide skeleton in Edit Guide mode for example).


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