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Take the toy car from content, chop it up, give
it some suspension, bring it to life with Recoil,
now you have reTOiYl the game. The goal is with
only keyframing steering and gas and guessing, in
1000 frames make the most interesting video.

My results are already baked into the file, just
delete the keyframes and sim your own reTOiYl
Recoil extravaganza.

The steering and gas keyframes for my results
are also included but since a few tire bounces
here or there can drastically alter how the sim turns out, results are just about guaranteed to
be different.

reTOiYl thread :

Added: February 21, 2013
Categories: Learning - Dynamics
Tags: game, gas, keyframe, recoil, results, reTOiYl, sim, steering
Shader Tree Layers: Group, Material, Environment Material, Light Material, Occlusion, , ,
Shader Tree Effects: Bump, Diffuse Amount, Diffuse Color
Channel Modifiers: Channel Relationship, Basic Math:Add, Geometry Constraint:Position
Base Color:
color swatch
Created In: modo601

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