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A Red Kangaroo

A quick model made using
Goz between Modo and Zbrush.

Once Upon a time I needed a Kangaroo.
I didn't see much on the internet on Kangaroo Models and most of them are around $150 for just the rights to use it and it didn't look like much. So here is a Klanderud Kangaroo for free ;)

There is no fur, but you can always add some in Modo.

Please credit me if you can, Thanks.

Added: January 19, 2013
Categories: Character
Tags: Joey, Kangaroo, Klanderud, Macropodidae, Marsupial
Shader Tree Layers: Group, Image Map, Material, Environment Material, Light Material
Shader Tree Effects: Diffuse Color, Displacement
Base Color:
color swatch
Created In: modo601

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