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Here is the Beta version of the BlockHead Rig v101. Although it is missing core features, it is usable and being animated by my students in GCOM 401 at Sacramento City College.

Some of the future additions to the rig are FK limbs, FK/IK Switching, a more flexible spine, fingers instead of mittens, more hand/finger controls, refined modeling, an animatable face, animatable chest screen, floor controls per foot, maybe stretchy limbs...

Feel free to use the rig, but please credit me and "Fisheye Animation & Design" if you showcase your work publicly. Also, please let me know if you have recommendations or find problems with it. It is very much a WIP and needs lots of refinement. Your input would be quite appreciated and very helpful. Please visit BlockHead's WIP thread in the forums...
I'd also love to see your animations of BlockHead!!!

Have fun & enjoy!!!


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