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Bob the lumberjack 501

UPDATE (25-08-2012) - NEW AXE

Here is my entry to "Luxology Character Calendar Contest 2012". Bob the lumberjack.
This is static version, no rig.
Model have UV map (feel free to change it in any way)

Added: August 25, 2012
Categories: Character
Tags: 1mCCC, axe, character, human, lumberjack, tomerk
Shader Tree Layers: Group, Gradient, Image Map, Material, Noise, Wood, Environment Material, Light Material, , Matcap Shader
Shader Tree Effects: Bump, Diffuse Amount, Diffuse Color, Driver A, Driver B, Group Mask, Layer Mask, Reflection Amount, Subsurface Color
Channel Modifiers: Direction Constraint
Deformers: Morph Influence
Base Color:
color swatch
Created In: modo601

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