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Fully flexible DNA rig.

The entire DNA snippet can be flexed and bent via the locators within the 'Bender Set' Group Locator. The side strands bend fluidly, but the base pair rungs remain rigid.

There is also a custom channel named "Numberoftwists" in the setup to adjust the number of twists of the section. It works best between 1 and 4 twists.

Rung pairs can be recolored by moving them between the subfolders within the Group Locator 'Rungs'. Note: switch into Setup mode prior to doing this; unpredictable results can happen.

Colors of rung pair can be changed by altering the corresponding cytosine, guanine, thymine and adenine Diffuse Color layers in the Shader Tree under the MeshedPairs material group.

Kudos to Rich Hurrey's training for kickstarting me on rigging!


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