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US CENSOR With Children

Spaceship asset sharing contest entry 2012.

This is the U.S. CENSOR callsign F.C.C. - 0411.

It can listen to communications over great
distances, by seperating, even more distant
and weak signals can be intercepted without
interference from the main ship. It also
has the ability to jam and broadcast.

Inspired by Uhura and her earpiece.

100% MODO Made

Includes : 1 FREE Universe.

Added: June 18, 2012
Categories: Vehicles - Spacecraft
Tags: contest, spaceship
Shader Tree Layers: Group, Dots, Gradient, Image Map, Material, Noise, Surface Generator, Light Material, , , , , , , , , , ,
Shader Tree Effects: Bump, Diffuse Amount, Diffuse Color, Luminous Amount, Luminous Color, Reflection Color, Specular Amount, Specular Color, Stencil, Transparent Amount, Transparent Color
Gradient Input Parameters: Distance To Locator, Incidence Angle
Base Color:
color swatch
Created In: modo601

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