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Another spinoff from my Spaceship Asset Sharing Contest work-- not an entry, just a bit of one model that I thought might be useful on its own. Fits neatly into my My Nautilus Cockpit Mesh Asset.

Based on designs & meshes created in GroBoto with extensive modo modeling after import.

GroBoto creates meshes with higher density than typical subdivision meshes. This mesh has Catmull-Clark subdivision level set to 1 -- enough to deliver very high fidelity geometry.

Any non-commercial use is fine, as long as you credit me:
©2012 Darrel Anderson

Any commercial use requires permission, please contact me:

Best Wishes,

Added: June 15, 2012
Categories: Vehicles - Spacecraft
Tags: boolean, groboto, NickelAge, spacecraft
Shader Tree Layers: Group, Gradient, Image Map, Material
Shader Tree Effects: Diffuse Color, Displacement
Gradient Input Parameters: Incidence Angle
Base Color:
color swatch
Created In: modo501

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