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Flaked painted rusty metal

One of my older Maxwell materials now converted to Modo. This one is supposed to look something like iron which have been painted and paint has gone old and dry, starting to crack and flake off the iron underneath exposing it to air and corrosion making it rusty and flaking off even more paint and so on..

I'm not sure what you guys would use this material for but i'm submitting it as a 'pick-apart-and-learn-something-new-from' type of material. :)

Note 1: The previous version i uploaded had a couple of issues, i deleted it and fixed it, it's now replaced with this version which renders correctly.

Note 2: This materials textures are not seamless but i do have seamless textures so if anyone would like to have that i can simply upload the textures and you replace them in this material. Then you can adjust the tiling of all textures in the material and get a nice smooth seamless surface.

Added: January 07, 2011
Categories: Metal - Iron
Tags: abused, aged, bad, cracked, cracks, flaked, iron, metal, old, paint, painted, rust, rusty
Shader Tree Layers: Group, Image Map, Material
Shader Tree Effects: Bump, Diffuse Amount, Diffuse Color, Displacement, Group Mask, Normal, Specular Amount
Base Color:
color swatch
Created In: modo501

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