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A procedural eye texture rig. Meant to be applied to simple spheres. Video instructions will follow at a later time. For now, here are some text instructions.

- Drop the assembly into the scene.

- Assign the Eye material to your eyeball.

- Place the Eye Texture locator at the tip of your eyeball.

- Scale rotate the locator so that it's spherical shape matches that of your eyeball.

- The adjustable texture parameters are located in the user channel of the Eye Texture locator. A menu may pop-up when selecting the Eye Texture locator.

Added: September 22, 2015
Categories: Miscellaneous
Tags: Eye, Procedural
Shader Tree Layers: Group, Constant, Gradient, Material, Noise, Process, , ,
Shader Tree Effects: Bump, Diffuse Color, Driver A, Driver B, Driver C, Group Mask, Layer Mask, Roughness, Subsurface Color
Channel Modifiers: Channel Relationship, Basic Math
Created In: modo901

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