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This Assembly packs the basic raycast nodes together with a few extras. A ray is send from the surface in the direction specified by the "Ray Direction" channel. When the ray hits a mesh the properties defined by the "RayType" channel are "projected" back on the surface the ray came from.

Here is a short explanation of the channels:
RayType: defines what should be cast onto the surface (shading, shadow, material, normal)
Raycast Direction:
1) Shading Normal (Final) meaning normal and bump maps are taken into account
2) Shading Normal (Initial) meaning normal and bump are NOT taken into account
3) Geometric Normal, meaning the (unshaded) normal of the polygons
4) Locator Direction, meaning in whichever the included locator points
Mask By: Works together with "Mask Distance"
1) This option will mask by distance to the surface.
2) This option will mask by y-position.
Mast Distance: Objects that are closer to the surface as the "Mask Distance" aren't projected on the surface.
Raycast Color: The Projection as Color output.
Raycast Mask: A Mask for the Projection which will exclude Areas where no ray hit as well as the masking by distance.
raycast optione: These are direct links to the Raycast node and should be self-explanatory.

For any question please have a look at this thread:

Added: September 05, 2015
Categories: Miscellaneous
Tags: raycast
Channel Modifiers: Matrix Vector, Basic Math
Created In: modo801

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