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The purpose of this assembly is to give the user an easy way to quickly mirror any of the translation or rotation channels between 2 single items. The Assembly is currently set up for demonstration purposes but can easily be retrofitted for custom use.

Once the assembly has been added to the scene, 2 cones and a green circle will be visible.

The cone labeled "Original Mot" contains the source motion, the cone labeled "Mirrored Mot" is the item that is receiving the adjusted or mirrored motion. The green circle labeled "Click Me " contains the channel haul menu for adjusting mirroring values per channel.

Pressing play shows that translation X has been mirrored from one cone to the other. Additional mirroring values can be set for other translation and rotational channels via the channel haul menu.

Setting mirroring for the other channels within the channel haul menu is done by changing the multiply values within the menu from 1 to -1. Numbers greater than 1 or -1 have the additional effect of causing extra rotations for the effected channels, which may or may not be desired.

Additionally, each channel also has an offset adjustment value for adding or removing (translation) distance or (rotation) degrees.

Added: April 30, 2014
Categories: Miscellaneous
Tags: Mirror, Motion
Shader Tree Layers: Group, Material
Channel Modifiers: Basic Math
Created In: modo701

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