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Turntable Camera

This is a simple Turntable Camera rig with some custom controls. It assumes that the model to be rendered is placed at the origin. I made this with extra controls because models vary and turntables vary as well.

Clicking (or double-clicking) on the "Turntable Controls" locator brings up a Channel Haul display for adjusting the following parameters:

-Turntable Rotation. Revolves the camera around the origin.
-Camera_Height. Adjusts the height (Y) of the camera.
-Camera_Distance. Adjusts the distance (Z) from the origin.
-Camera_Tilt. Adjusts the interest/aim of the camera.

Just set your viewing angle and keyframe a 360° rotation!


There are a couple of extra locators that are hidden by default. The Camera has a Target locator whose Y value is being driven by the Camera_Tilt channel. The second hidden locator is the Root locator whose Y rotation is being driven by the Turntable_Rotation channel.

Sadly, I don't know how to address the issue of scale. It is likely you will need to scale the rig after you've added it to your scene.

Added: June 22, 2009
Categories: Cameras
Tags: camera, custom controls, turntable, user channels
Created In: modo401

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