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A simple toggle control to create a silhouette in your scene. Its a great little tool for posing characters and checking your outline. You need to put the 9bScripts folder inside your user config folder for modo in order to function properly. Once you drag & drop the assembly into the scene, make sure locator visibility is on, you can then drag the assembly locator anywhere in your scene. You can even nested inside a camera viewport so its always visible from your camera for a quick toggle. Make sure the Silhouette Material layer is either on the top of the shader tree for global control or in the group mask of your choice. You can also instance it and place it on specific parts/material groups/items.

Added: August 02, 2011
Categories: Miscellaneous
Tags: 9b studios, assembly, cartoon, character, locator, outline, posing, script, silhouette
Shader Tree Layers: Material
Channel Modifiers: Channel Relationship
Created In: modo501

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